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Why having contractor on your side after Arkansas disaster is a must do

January 2, 2019
Insurance Blog

After disasters hit an area we are trying to come back to our normal day by day life. The city are gonna start with the clean up and debris removal efforts and we will try to. 

If you never filed an insurance claim this situation can be a bit traumatic, you don't know exactly what to do first and how to expedite the process. 

In ARC Remodeling we advise you to follow our 7 step insurance claim process but the big question here is why ? ,Before we will count the reason why , an overview about insurance company business model is necessary. 

Insurance Company's are businesses  that makes money from collecting more money in premium compared to expenses on claims. 

Reason #1 - Insurance adjusters are not contractor  

After you call and file a claim with your insurance company , your insurance company will schedule an adjuster from their behalf to go and asset damage, like any professional in any market some have more experience and some very little. As a homeowner you have no control if your insurance company will assign 10 or 1 year experience adjuster. Therefore, sometimes adjusters make mistakes in their assessment damage and that means less money and downgrade material. Contractor are the professional in this area and they can speak up with your insurance adjuster to light any mistake that may be. 

Reason #2 - Better money flow for you 

If you have RCV (Replacement Cost Value Policy) policy, your insurance company is entitled to pay you full damage value dollar amount minus your deductible, but most of the time they will not pay it all at once. Usually they pay it in 2 or 3 checks, If a contractor is working on your insurance claim they will offer to collect their money just when you get it. 

Reason #3 - Stress Free 

Dealing with your insurance company after disaster isn't easy, especially if it is your first time. Their is specific documents and guidelines insurance work by which need to be sent in specific times to release any funds necessary. 

Contractor with insurance claim experience know these guidelines inside out, so he will do it for you. 

We are here to help you with any of your roofing needs. Whether you need roof repair or roof replacement. 


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