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5 reasons for Fort Smith windows replacement

April 10, 2019
Windows Blog
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Homeowner may interested and look into windows replacement to improve their home appearance, other may be interested because their saw and ad at the T.V or something happened to one of their windows

Below we will outline the 5 reasons every homeowner in northwest arkansas should consider to update his old, dated windows. 

Energy Cost Reduction 

Windows replacement is one of the best cost effective energy efficient improvements available. If you have old windows in your house they probably cost you a lot of money on electric bill expense, it happened because old windows are not insulated, they carry clear single glass layer and probably their seal is broken, essentially your outside weather get right inside your home (Cold or Hot), imagine trying to cool your house while your front door is open ?  not something you will do right.. 

UV Protection 

Ultraviolet rays can cause your flooring and furniture to fade. Studies show that incoming Ultraviolet ray has risen in recent years. You may not notice it right now but after a few years sitting by uncovering windows your furniture, floors and even walls will get faded. Energy efficient windows have LOW-E glass, you can't see it but it protects your home from UV rays. 

Low E glass - stands for low emissivity, its a type of glass that is coated with tiny layers of metallic oxides, low e coating is transparent and reflects heat. 

Improve your home look 

Many individuals decide to replace their windows because they want to increase their home curve appeal. New windows not only replace your faded, rot windows with brand new ones but will give you the opportunity to add grid and resize your windows opening. 

Noise reduction 

Energy efficient windows carry double pane glass and some also field with insulted gas (argon gas) between the layers, argon gas is a great thermal insulator that provide many benefits, among them, external noise reduction.

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