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June 18, 2019
Windows Blog
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Windows have a big effect on your home's appearance but not only that.wide variety of window styles available ,provide different functionality and suitable for specific location and use. Below we will explore the different window openings.

Sliding window, multi slider.
Multi Slider
Sliding windows, single slider.
Single Slider


Sliders feature sashes that slide horizontally back and forth on a track, there are many types of horizontal sliders windows available and the decision goes based on functionality but also by the size of your windows opening. Single sliders fit small to medium opening, while multi horizontal sliders more suitable for big windows opening. 

Single hung / Double hung 

Hung windows Feature sashes that slide vertically back and forth on a track, single hung window opened just from one side (usually the button) while the other side is stationary. Double hung will not have a stationary panel and both sides will move. 

Picture window.
Picture Window

Picture window

Also called Fixed window and Like its name have no opening. It's suitable for windows that you never or hardly open.Due to their nature, Picture windows are easier to clean.

Awning windows 

Awning windows are hinge on the top, which gives them a look similar to awning. They were popular before the invention of air conditioning. Because they allow fresh air to flow into the house while keeping rain out. Awning window opens outward,away from the house.

Hopper windows 

Awning windows are hinged from the bottom. They are popular for small places like basements because they allow more fresh air inside. Hopper windows open inward, into the house.

Casement Windows 

Casement windows feature interior hinge. They opened outward like a door. 

Bay & bow windows 

Bay & Bow window made from 3 windows or more. They are projecting outward the house wall and provide extra interior space. 

We are here to help you with any of your windows needs. Whether you need windows repair or complete all house windows replacement. 


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